Write Beautiful Code

Last delivered at Open Web Vancouver, April 2008.


  1. Ezberdin:

    Hi Laura
    Do you have any e-mail available? i recently bought your book and i have a question about chap 11 that is killing me.
    Best regards.

  2. Dean Landolt:

    I can’t help but point out the irony of a php talk on beautiful code. Is that _really_ possible? Isn’t that about as elusive as elegant perl?

  3. andrei:

    Hi Laura
    I recently bought your book on PHP and Mysql dev for kindle and I didn’t receive the cdrom content. Can you please tell me how could get my hands on it ? Do you have a download link ?

    Best regards

  4. Rodney Tanner:

    I have a question about your book PHP and MySQL 4th Edition (amazing book):

    On page 813 at the bottom it references as a valuable resource to test SOAP/REST queries - I think this is a typo based on the site this is. Any chance you know the correct site?


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