Reports of my death…part 2.

Despite the universe’s best efforts!  News:

1.  On Saturday, yes, I did break a rib, and yes, I did get to go to trauma via helicopter.  It’s really not that serious, I just have impressive bruises and am walking kind of slow.  (I was out of the hospital within about 2 hours, so really not that serious.)

2.  On Monday I started my new job, working for Mozilla Corporation.  It’s a great deal of fun so far and everyone has been really nice.  I’m excited to take up a whole bunch of new challenges.

3.  I’ll be speaking at the Zend Conference on Wednesday October 10th on the topic of "Premium PHP".


  1. Anonymous:

    Hey Laura,

    Welcome aboard!

    I hope that the rib knits up quickly - ribcage injuries are not much fun.

    Be well,

  2. Alejandro Garcia:

    Sorry to hear about your accident.

    I hope you recover soon and be: “Mejor que nueva”

    Congratulations on the new job :-)

  3. Laura Thomson:

    Thanks guys! I’m healing well.

  4. Nick:

    Thats a bummer with a broken rib. I have heard those make it hard to breath at times. Working for Mozilla would be awesome. Great company!

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