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Oracle buys Sleepycat

Oracle today announced their acquisition of Sleepycat Software, the makers of Berkeley DB.  This follows their purchase of Innobase Oy, makers of InnoDB, last year.  It is rumoured that JBoss and Zend are next in their sights.  Along with their launch of Oracle Express Edition, this must be interesting news for the guys over at MySQL AB, which uses InnoDB and BDB as its two transactional engines.

OSCON call for proposals closes MONDAY!

OSCON is the best conference in the FOSS sphere.  It’s great fun and I always walk away having learned a HUGE amount.  It’s also a great place to meet and talk with lots of really smart geeks, which is something I would always recommend.

Please send in your talk proposals.  I am working on the PHP track.  This year, there are some more general tracks - Web Apps, Programming, and Security.  These are great for those talks that cross borders.

Go here to submit your talk:

Don’t be afraid to submit a talk: there’s always room for people who haven’t given a talk before who are passionate about Open Source.