shiny new job

I have a new job.  I am working for George Schlossnagle at OmniTI.  I am pretty excited about it :)

(I will be finishing up my teaching of "Web Servers and Web Technology"  this semester in parallel, and yes, I will be finishing my PhD, before anybody asks.)

Incidentally, to go with my shiny new job I am in the market for a shiny new laptop, probably a Panasonic Y4.  All feedback appreciated.


  1. Dan Scott:

    Congratulations! So are you heading States-side, or will you be representing the down-under branch of OmniTI?

  2. Grant Root:

    Congratulations! So what will be your shiny new job title?

  3. Laura:

    I will hopefully be in the US for a few months soon, but mostly based in Oz. Job title is “Senior Web Developer”, although we did discuss some slightly more entertaining titles :)

  4. Fred Bloggs:

    It sounds like you need suggestions for better job titles.

    How about:
    PHP Marsupial
    Crocodile/Bug Hunter

  5. Douglas Clifton:

    Does this mean you might start using Perl? ;-)

  6. Chris Shiflett:

    Congrats, Laura. :-)
    Be sure to let us know when you’re in the states.

  7. Ben Ramsey:

    Congratulations, Larua!

  8. Ben Ramsey:

    I meant “Laura.” L-A-U-R-A.

  9. Wez Furlong:

    Welcome to OmniTI :) I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with George, Theo and the rest of our guys (and gals), so I think you’ll have a blast too.
    Looking forward to working with you :)

  10. Jason Simmons:

    If you are looking for a decent laptop, take a look at the Fujitsu Siemens p7010, Runs linux fine as well ;-)
    I couldn’t be without mine.

  11. Laura:

    Thanks guys.

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